Salento Quindio Colombia


Salento wanted you I carry in my soul,
because you are as much mine as your mountains;
is beautiful village in beautiful morning,
is so soft breeze caressing your face.

That my people that I adore both,
seems fairytale castles;
its all so small white houses,
shine like diamonds in the mountains beyond.

Palma de Cera
Palma de Cera

There in that town I wove illusions,
I wove hopeful illusions;
I met the love that was the most beautiful
and learned to love with all my soul.

That love lasts I will not forget,
here is well within, deep in my soul;
my people like that already taken root,
that's impossible to uproot.

The day my God calls me to my accounts,
le dire secure mi otra It was the lack;
I loved too that's for sure,
It was a yes and punishes sin mi lack.

And when I got my last time,
I'll have my people very much loved;
I will send my last kiss in the wind,
or in the gentle breeze in the morning there.

! Oh dear people as I adore !
as I would be on your beaches;
I am so far away that I only have,
the beautiful memories that I have in my soul.

Palma de Cera

Taken from the book

Alicia Rada of Hainaut 6/16/87

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